Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrate Their Goal

goal mod“Goooooooaaaaaal,” sounds the television as the ball streaks past the players and hits the net behind the goalie.

From the bedroom my four year old daughter comes running, jumping for joy and asking, “a goal, a goal? Yea, goooaaalllll!”

I think Esperanza has the best perspective of all the people watching the FIFA World Cup. It doesn’t matter who scores, she celebrates the goal. It doesn’t matter who wins, she rejoices with the winning team.

There is a lesson to learn here. Instead of criticizing and making excuses when your neighbor, friend or even your opponent wins, celebrate with them. That makes for good relationships, better attitudes and lots more fun.

I’m not talking about being happy about injustice or evil. but often instead of celebrating and rejoicing in somebody’s legitimate, hard earned success, we point out all the luck they had, how we could have done the same if we’d had the chance or even how we could have done it better.

Esperanza has reminded me of Paul’s words to rejoice with those that rejoice and cry with those that cry. We should feel the emotions of those around us and instead of dismissing their happiness or mourning, join them in it.

The next time somebody gets the job you’ve pursued, receives a raise you’ve needed, finds the exceptional buy you’ve wanted, or wins the game you were playing, celebrate with them. Your day will come and rejoicing with them will help the days pass quicker and with more joy.

Don’t forget to celebrate!


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