Friday, October 31, 2008

Power, Truth and Honor

Power, truth and honor are blessings from God. So many times we misuse these blessings because we have not experienced their correct use nor do we understand how God designed them to be used.

Power is to be used for the benefit of others, not for manipulating them to one’s own desires. We should use the authority we have to bring freedom and to provide better opportunities in the lives of others. In Jesus’ parable, the man that was freed of his debt only understood the cancelation of the amount owed, not the forgiveness and liberty his Lord wanted to give him. In the end he was still a slave. With the authority God has given us we should protect others and help them develop confidence to live.

Truth is for giving good counsel and freedom to others. So many times we use truth to point out others’ sins, errors and mistakes. We condemn instead of consoling or giving wise counsel. The religious leaders wanted to condemn and punish the sinful woman; “they were better people than she was”. Jesus used truth to free the woman from condemnation and release her from the power of sin.

Honor is integrity, up rightness and faithfulness. We should use it to give confidence and acceptance to others. When we compare ourselves to others, we exalt ourselves. We also humiliate others like the brother of the prodigal son did. But, the father of the prodigal son used his characteristic of honor to show acceptance and to honor the prodigal as his son, even though he had been lost.

Power to protect and help others; truth for giving good counsel and freedom; honor to accept and lift others up; are we living that way. We need to experience the goodness of God’s power, truth and honor so we can treat our friends and family positively and correctly, helping them see that God is good. Receive from God so we can give to others and give to God all the honor the power and the glory He deserves.

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