Saturday, October 4, 2008


Economic crisis, political elections, world-wide wars, sickness and death; all provoke profound and preoccupying thoughts. For this reason we must have a strong hope and a rock in which to anchor our faith.

Jesus said we would have tribulations and difficulties; therefore don’t be surprised by challenging tests and problems. He also gave us hope when he proclaimed, “ I am the Truth, my Words are the truth and the Holy Spirit will always be with you.”

Jeremiah tells us that God’s plans for our future are better than we can dream, always while Christ, the Hope of Glory, is in us. The faith we have in Him and his words will give substance to the hope he offers.

Meditate in the following confession based on Romans 15:13 and fill receive His hope for a blessed day and a better tomorrow.
The God of hope fills me with all hope and peace so there abounds in me hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Peace, blessings and abundant hope in Christ Jesus.

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