Monday, December 13, 2010

The Shoot of Jesse, the Branch of Righteousness

Notice the people among Jesus’ ancestors: Rahab the harlot and Ruth the Moabite. God wasn’t influenced by their sin or race; David was still chosen to be the bloodline of the Messiah. An adulterer and a murderer, he wasn’t an especially worthy man himself.
Besides defects, what do these three have in common? They had faith and they had repentant and obedient hearts. They became the roots and the stump where the shoot of Jesse grew. Jesus, the LORD our righteousness, came from a family of sinful people. That encourages me because none of us are perfect and God still wants to use us. That's grace!
‘Jesus, be the wise and understanding King of my heart. Grow there to be the Branch of Righteousness of my life.”

Tomorrow: King of Peace

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