Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Righteous Scepter

The star and scepter speak of the Messiah’s royalty and authority. He would rise a powerful king to destroy all the enemies of Israel. The religious leaders interpreted these ideas exclusively as a national, political leader that would free them from Roman oppression. They disregarded the Christ that walked and talked with them.
Hebrews extends the metaphor to a scepter of uprightness. Jesus came to rise as the righteous king of power and authority in our hearts, establishing his kingdom of righteousness there. We must therefore receive his authority and extend the Kingdom of Heaven to the ends of the earth.
“Righteous King, rule in my life. I accept your righteousness and authority. Empower me for the purpose of influencing others in just and moral living.”

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Anonymous said...

I began reading these a couple of days ago. It would be nice to be able to have a chat with you about them.
Anyway, I actually read through all of Numbers not to long ago, and was reminded now about how thrilling this verse that you cite here was to me(and still is)...just to think how long ago Jesus was already promised to the people, even if they didn't know it. We serve such an amazing God...