Friday, November 26, 2010

New Life with Advent

As I did last year I'll be making a daily post about Advent, the coming of our LORD.

I will be making a daily post for thirty days, one a day until Christmas. These reflections are a result of 15 years of celebrating Advent as a family. As the years passed the verses, symbols and thoughts developed into what you now see here. I hope you are blessed by what we as a family have enjoyed for so many years.

The symbols are family made. Sometimes by Bev or myself, other times they were done by the children, and other times a combination of the two.  I have taken the originals and improved them digitally, but they remain basicly the same.

The reflections were written last year and then translated by John and revised by my son-in-law, Vicente Diaz.

Let us not forget the reason for the Christmas season, the remembrance of the birth Jesus of Nazareth, God
incarnate. May he forever live within us and be seen without, where ever we go.

First post: He Was... In the Beginning

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