Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking, Waiting and Knowing

As we walk with God, in the direction he is going, doing what he is doing and feeling what he is feeling; we begin to see as he sees and know as he knows. Jesus said, “follow me and I will make you one who attracts others to my kingdom”. Following Jesus in the days of the disciples was to walk with, eat with and live with Jesus. It was to listen to him, trust him and work with him. The life-style of Jesus became the lifestyle of his disciples. We need to walk with Jesus.

As we spend time with friends, we wait on them. Sometimes wait means sitting while they prepare, work or rest. Sometimes wait means to serve them in their needs. Wait always means grow in patience and trust one with another. Wait should always include expectation, hope, and love. It is not dreary and sad; it is joyfully anticipation of what is to come and happen in our lives. Certainly as we walk with Jesus we will have to wait on him and for him and this process will create a closer relationship of love and service.

Walking with and waiting on friends will help us know them better. As you walk together you talk and share likes and dislikes, dreams and purposes, emotions and feelings. You begin to know the person better. As you wait on a friend through service and unity you develop a bond with them that cannot be broken. Knowing friends through walking together and through serving and waiting on them, braids a three strand cord of faith, hope and love that cannot easily be broken.

Let us become one with Christ in lifestyle, walking with him. Let us become one with Christ in service and patient anticipation as we serve him. Let us know him as he is in the brightness of his glory.

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