Friday, June 27, 2008

Anticipation with Preoccupation

Birth, first steps, the first school day, starting college, finding your first job, getting married and your first grandchild are all part of our progressive growth and maturity. They bring a mix of excitement with concern and joy with fear.

The growth of a church is similar. New believers, the birth of a church, the process of discipleship, and the recognition of leaders is the process which leads to a growing, mature and reproductive church that is able to stand and walk towards its destiny. Yes, it brings a mix of anticipation with preoccupation and joy with fear, but the leap is necessary because growth comes only when we take risks.

We moved to Matagalpa with the vision to plant five churches in North Nicaragua that are birthed with new believers and grow into self-governing, self-sustaining and self-reproducing Christian communities. This month La Fuente will continue in her development while Bev and I visit the United States. It has been 15 years since we arrived in Nicaragua, 13 years since we have visited the United States as a family and 10 years since we moved to Matagalpa. The trip is important for us. But more than being significant for us, it is vital for you, La Fuente. You must take the risk.

As we expand to other cities, La Fuente must continue walking and growing as a family. Our trip provides you a two month experience of living and learning without Mom and Dad at your side. It is a continuation of taking your first steps and going to the first day of class at school and finding your first job after graduation.

You are prepared. You are able.

Rise and shine. Be strong and courageous.

Christ is in you; He is your hope and future.

So be it.

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